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Let our K9 Cleanup Crew pick up what your pets leave behind. There are many Clean up options available: one time clean up (Spring Clean Up), 1x week regular service, every other week service and commercial clean up services. Our professional crews will get and keep your yard bare foot ready.

Residential Service & Pricing
Service Type 1 Dog Price 2 Dog Price 3 Dog Price
Once a week $11.0o $13.00 $15.00
Twice a week N/A N/A N/A
Every other week $18.00 $20.00 $22.00
Initial Clean up Add $25 on to first monthly charge
Spring Clean up $45.00 per hour (one hour min.). Then billed in 15 min increments.

Commercial Clean Up Service - call us for a quote!
When asked if people clean up after their pet when out walking, people usually avoid answering the question. But for up to 40% of the pet owner population out there, they usually do something like this:

"I mean, I try to, but, like, this morning I'm in a hurry, so I'm not going to worry about it. I  just consider it fertilizer. And it's weird, because I've been threatened with arrest many times  down there for not cleaning up after my dog, but you know what -- $%^& happens." - Randy  Vines Author, The Art of the Manly Handshake

When you have a apartment complex or other large open grass space and 40% of the  dog owners don't clean up after their pet, this is a HUGE problem. Residents  complain, people step in it and the office gets frustrated with the process. Did you  know there is a better solution?

We have found a 3 step system to be most affective.
1- Educate the pet owner then Enforce the policy. This may require many, many,  many threats and letters but it can help in the long run.

2- Set up Clean up Stations. See where the problem area's are, then install stations.  This way the pet owners have bags and a place to dispose of the waste available to  them. Keep those area's clean so that pet owners are encouraged to use them.

The K9 Clean Up Crew can analyze your problem areas and then install and maintain a variety of clean up stations for your commercial areas. We are available for a one time set up, a regular maintenance plan or a one time clean up of the station.

3- Set up regular clean ups with our K9 Clean Up Crew.
Unfortunately, heavily used pet areas will probably always be a place the waste is left behind. By hiring a professional waste removal service, you can rest assured that the areas are cleaned up on a scheduled basis.

Call us today for a Quote - 630-848-9147

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