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Amy - Scheduling Manager & Mid-day Care Specialist
Amy lives in Montgomery with her husband. Their household has a menagerie of pets. Lily, a deaf Italian greyhound, Luna, a mixed breed, Roman the Afghan hound, plus a 30-year old parrot and two canaries. Amy has had a passion for all kinds of animals her whole life and has spent over 20 years working with them. She brings a background in grooming and veterinary assistance and wants all the pets in her care to be happy, content and loved.

Amanda - Vacation Care Specialist
Amanda, her husband and their 2 boys are residents of Oswego. For many years, Amanda was a Vet Tech with Danada Animal Hospital. Over the years, Amanda and her family have had numerous pets. She loves all creatures great and small and is looking forward to meeting your furry family.

Bethany - Vacation Care & Overnight Care Specialist
Bethany and her family are longtime Oswego residents. She has had all kinds of pets, but currently has ferrets and 2 dogs. Bethany is a Freelance Editor and loves that she can care for pets and also pursue her passion for writing.

Bob H. - Mid-day Care Specialist
Bob and his wife recently moved to the Oswego area. They consider themselves "empty nester's" and have 2 dogs of their own. Zack, an 8 year old chihuahua and Mickey, a part Chihuahua/French Bulldog rescue dog 1 year old. They are owned by a cat named Angel, who is 13 years old. Bob has enjoyed caring for pets all his life and feels a special bond with any dog he comes in contact with. He wants the clients to know that "I will do my utmost to make client's pets feel 'loved' and will strive to have them 'look forward' to my mid-day visits."

Holly - Mid-day & Vacation Care Specialist
Holly is a life long resident of Oswego and Yorkville. Holly, her husband and their three kids have had many pets over the years. They currently have a very bossy yorkie named Nitro, a toy poodle named Sophie and a pitbull mix puppy named Zoe.

John W. - K9 Clean up Crew (Pet Waste Removal Services)
As a previous owner of two St. Bernards, John is quite the pro at cleaning up our client's yards. "cleaning up after those two, were like cleaning up after horses". He can have your yard barefoot ready in no time, weather you have your own "horse" or a something a bit smaller.

Rachel - Mid-day Care & Vacation Care Specialist
Rachel is an elementary teacher that does not know how to sit still during winter, spring, and summer breaks! She runs races as a hobby, and is currently training for the Chicago Marathon, using her dog, Halli as a training buddy. Halli was a rescue dog that needed lots of special training and attention for the first year to get her comfortable in her new home. She is the "baby" of the house! Rachel has had almost every kind of pet through the years, and has love, patience, and care for all types of furry friends!

Stacy - Mid-day Care & Vacation Care Specialist
Stacey has been a resident of Aurora since 1999 and lives there with her husband of 17 years and her two children. They have two dogs, Libby Lu , a 3 year old rescue, who is a finicky boxer mix and also a rambunctious 2 year old English Mastiff, Rocky. Over the years she has had cats, hamsters and lots of fish. She is a lover of the outdoors, whether it's going on long family bike rides or just doing yard work, as long as she's outside, she's happy.

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